United Sunday School Ministry: The goal of the United Sunday School ministry is to empower believers through the taught Word of God. With classes for all ages, Sunday School is held every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.

United Youth Ministry: The youth ministry of The United Church is leading the next generation of believers through worship, activities, music, outreach and much more. We are doing well to reap the harvest of our time.

Willing Workers of United: The Willing Workers of United consists of Holy, devoted women who serve in the capacity of hospitality and ministering to the needs of younger sisters.

United Outreach Committee: The United Outreach Committee currently serves in the following areas: adult prisons and institutions, street witnessing, special evangelistic events and community outreach.

United Usher Board: The United Usher Board is responsible for keeping order and assisting during services and special events at The United Church.

United Music Ministry: The United Music Ministry is blessed with abundant talent and anointing. The ministry consists of: The United Praise Team, The Little Lights of United, Victorious Praise Choir, The James B. Thornton Inspirational Choir (JBT), & The United Band. 

Audio/Radio Ministry: The audio/radio ministry produces and edits the audio for the opening and closing of the radio broadcast and The United Church services and events.

Video Ministry: The video ministry is responsible for all video production, including: directing, graphics, audio, camera operations, stage-managing, video control, DVD operation and duplication.

Additional Ministries

United Ministerial Staff

Administrative Office Staff

United Security Staff

United Brotherhood

United Jewels Committee

Pastor's Aide

Health Administration

Prayer Band/Sick & Contact Committee

Baptismal Committee