Church History

The United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic, Inc. (originally named The Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic) was founded by Bishop James B. Thornton and Mother Janie Thornton in August of 1961 along with founding members, Brother Columbus Robinson and Mother Virginia Garnett.

The church's first house of worship was located at 4 Avon Road in Turners Station, Maryland. Later that year the church relocated to 449 East Lanvale Street in Baltimore, Maryland. In the 1960's, successive moves included Robert Street and Greenmount Avenue. In 1970, the church relocated to the 2200 block of Park Avenue. 

Many souls were saved at the Park Avenue edifice. The church soon outgrew this building to the point where annual Convocations had to be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. After much dedication and consecration, the Lord led Bishop Thornton to the former St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church located in the Better Waverly and Greater Homewood areas of Baltimore, Maryland. In August of 1999, The United Church relocated to this beautiful edifice on Gorsuch Avenue, where it remains today.

Still endeavoring to fulfill its mission, The United Church has grown spiritually and progressively in membership and continues to strengthen and expand in ministry. With able leaders and a dedicated congregation, the church moves forward with a purpose to edify the body of Christ and reap the harvest of lost souls for God’s kingdom. With one mind, one spirit, and one faith in the true and living God, the United Church strives to live and lead others to an abundant life in Jesus Christ.